Geometry by Construction

Web episode support is for everyone. Then I share the recording via Webex. The end times are upon us: final exam.

You owe me Test #3 and the final exam!

Test #3 is in your email, then take the final exam on all three geometries during finals week. Test #3 will be personal responsibility, like the hyperbolic test. The final will be by appointment, taken on campus unless you have arranged a proctor.

Take a look at a warm-up wiki called Thinking Elliptic. Read your book. Week Fourteen, our last week, is final exam preparation. I have stolen questions from old finals. Everybody does 2 for their 10 points. But read the whole wiki to prepare for the final.
ellipticquad.jpg 9 Pt circle (Using Altitudes).jpghypcircle1.jpg

This is the wiki for the homework for MS433 Topics in Geometry at Aquinas Co11ege

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