Geometry by Construction
This is the wiki for the homework for MS433 Topics in Geometry at Aquinas Co11ege
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The last wiki of the semester has finite geometry questions and final exam practice. It will close the day of the final exam, Friday December 20th. So, for some of you, there's no reason to even think about geometry until the night of December 19th.

The Write As Little As Possible Contest is coming down the end. The front runners have been busy ignoring the wiki for 14 long weeks. Can they maintain their procrastination right up until the end? For those seeking victory, remember to post late if you post at all, ignore any suggestions or corrections and do two of the same type of problem whenever possible Also, proof-reading is for chumps, kiss-ups and dweebs.
As of Monday morning, half the students have avoided posting on the last wiki! An impressive non-performance, I must say.

Post early and post often!

See wikiworks for details on using a wiki. This is an FYI. You should not be posting work on this page.

the web version of the book ([[#|degrees]] and [[#|courses]] at