Geometry by Construction

Web episode support is for everyone. Then I share the recording via Webex. We have Oct 3 and 7 hyperbolic idea videos. We have a wikipage on how to think hyperbolic.

Week Nine is open for the week.

One MS433 student craves another shot at the Euclidean Test. I am quite willing to write a different Euclidean test to inflict I mean offer to the class, after break of course. Spread the news. Retake by appointment, after break. Appointment by email or in person.

There's a new page to skim called Thinking Hyperbolic.

In hyperbolic geometry, when ultra-parallel lines are cute by a transversal, none of the angles have to be congruent.

This is the wiki for the homework for MS433 Topics in Geometry at Aquinas Co11ege

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