Geometry by Construction

Web episode support is for everyone. I schedule a web conference each Thursday night at 9pm. Then I share the recording via Webex.

We are nearing the end with three grades to go: Week Fifteen wiki, elliptic test and the final exam.

Week Fourteen is done.
Week Fifteen will be from December 6th through 14th and will be Euclidean, hyperbolic and elliptic questions, as prep for the cumulative final exam. This Week Fifteen grade will be a wiki replacement grade. If you have a bad week, get a 10 during Week Fifteen to replace that bad week's grade.

The elliptic test will be Monday December 8th or Tuesday December 9th. Either take the test physically in the math department or set me up with the contact information of your proctor.

The final exam will be scheduled during finals week, December 15 - 19. Arrange a proctor to take the tests away from Aquinas. Schedule your tests with me to take them at Aquinas. Expect a two-day window for each test.

The answers for Test #2 are posted and your paper exams may be picked up in AB50.

The gold arcs in the badge below are hyperbolic lines if we take the black circle as the hyperbolic disk. The light purple arcs form a Realeaux triangle AND are elliptic lines if we use the outer circle as the elliptic disk.

This is the wiki for the homework for MS433 Topics in Geometry at Aquinas Co11ege
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Read the syllabus, read wikiworks and learn how to edit the wiki.

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See wikiworks for details on using a wiki. This is an FYI. You should not be posting work on this page.